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Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative maintenance on your equipment can reduce unwanted downtime as well as save on costly service work. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your equipment allowing for you to hold off on a pricey modernization as long as possible. The right maintenance plan varies for each unit just as the usage and type of equipment varies. At Chinook Elevator Ltd. we work with you to come up with a plan that fits your budget and your equipment's needs to ensure optimum performance.



Escalators are essential in some buildings and businesses to assist with the flow of people. They are also essential in certain settings for people with mobility issues. Escalators generally run longer and transport more people than any other equipment in the building, which means they require proper maintenance to keep them safe and operational. At Chinook Elevator Ltd. we have the expertise and maintenance plans to accommodate your needs, ensuring your escalator is in peak running condition.

Service Work:


At Chinook Elevator Ltd. we perform all types of service jobs varying from emergency elevator/escalator repair, fixing deficiencies, flood damage repairs, vandalism repairs or routine service work for your unit. Our technicians have the experience and abilities to get your unit running in optimum condition in a timeline that meets your needs.

Annual and Full Load Safety Testing:

We provide full service safety testing conducted by qualified technicians that meet all local governing authority requirements. These can be included with a maintenance contract or completed by itself if the equipment is under contract with a different company that does not have annual or full load testing included.

Providing Access:

Chinook Elevator Ltd. is able to provide various contractors and building owners with qualified technicians to accommodate access to the shaft or other elevator components for various tasks. These tasks may include fire system testing, retrieval of objects for pits, installation of various devices in elevator cabs, accessing elevator pit sump pumps or electrical, removal of water flooding elevator pits. etc.

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